Seamus Coffey #Choices Ep.36

Our next two Podcasts are gems-contradictory & complementary in-depth discussions on the Irish economy & inequality! Today we discuss (debate?) inequality, the risks & positives of the Irish economy with Chair of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council & economics lecturer from University College Cork, Seamus Coffey.Very significantly Seamus outlines that there is the money to invest in a major public housing programme- it’s just a question of priorities. We also talk taxation levels, the risk of our over-reliance on Multinationals & preparing for the next downturn. We think it is important that people understand the EU rules aren’t the thing stopping investments in public services, it is the governments budgetary choices. Tomorrow its Tom Healy director of the Nevin Research institute – we talk to him about his forthcoming book ‘An Ireland Worth Working For: Delivering the Democratic Programme a Century later’ and the concrete & visionary policies and changes required to make Irelands economy ensure a decent fair and dignified standard of living for everyone

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