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Victim Blaming: Ep 89

While we must talk about sexual violence, we also need to talk about what happens afterwards. Victim blaming is prolific in many societies, and has a devastating

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6. Eric

In this episode we are joined by Eric. We have a very insightful conversation about colourism were we touch on our experiences with the issue.

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62. James Power

This week James and Timmy chat with Ireland’s youngest ever professional boxer, proud Cork man and fella with a big career in front of him,

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5. Monica

This week Benita and Joella are joined by Monica, who is also known as @drblondieperes on TikTok. They talk about her being Black and an

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61. Ger O’Brien

This week James and Timmy speak with Master EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and Spiritual Healer. They cover a lot of stuff here with Ger,

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60. Patrick McCann

This week James and Timmy are joined by Traveller man Patrick McCann, who went from drugs, violence and prison into recovery and on to university.

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58. Stevey J

This week James and Timmy are joined by Entrepreneur and results consultant, Stevey J joins to talk about the power of the mind, mentoring and

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3. Silvia

Benita is back and we are joined by Silvia who tells us her story of becoming and being a teen mom. We delve into her

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580. Troubled Waters

It was a pleasure to be joined on the podcast by Investigative Journalist with, Niall Sargent, to discuss his in depth 3 part investigation

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56. Aaron McGahey

This week James and Timmy chat with The Pride of Ballincollig, Thai Boxer, Aaron McGahey and returning Two Norries champion, Gillian Butler. They discuss combat

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2. Natasha

In this episode Natasha talks to us about her experiences in Direct Provision and how it lead her to do amazing work with UNICEF and

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Introducing Built Different

Built Different is the new podcast from Joella Dhlamini and Benita Murinda that explores intersectionality through honest conversations. In this short introduction Joella and Benita

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53. Susan Walsh

On this episode we’re joined by our first repeat guest, Susan Walsh, who featured previously on Episode #18 via Zoom. Susan is back again to

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51. Mick Finnegan

TW: Contains details some might find disturbing In this very special episode, James and Timmy talk to friend of the shack, Mick Finnegan, about growing

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51. Michael Irwin

This week James and Timmy talk with Michael Irwin, who spent time in prison for drug trafficking before gaining a degree and masters in criminology.

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50. Joe Slattery

This week James and Timmy chat with Limerick man, Joe Slattery, about his life growing up in Limerick, education, TED Talks, Tommy Tiernan and his

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49. Martin McMahon

James and Timmy talk with whistleblower, activist, podcaster and tortoise shack colleague, Martin McMahon, about his battle with skin cancer, his work at exposing bogus

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47. Dr Gabor Maté

This week James and Timmy speak with the world renowned addiction expert, Dr. Gabor Mate about trauma, addiction, chronic illness, drug policy and self-care. This

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46. Myles Gaffney

This week James and Timmy talk with singer/songwriter from the Northside and an all round gent, Myles Gaffney. They discuss a very eclectic array of

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14. Alex & Jules

As we bring our first season of ConverSayTrans to a close, Alex and Jules, talk to each other about their own personal items, share their

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13. Ariel

This week’s guest is Ariel. Ariel is an Argentinian born activist who was involved in the pro choice and trans equality movements in Ireland in

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44. Damien Quinn

This week James and Timmy speak with Damien Quinn. He shares his story and tells about his efforts to find employment having spent time in

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12. Noah Halpin

For this week’s episode we are joined by This is Me founder and Community Aid Officer with TENI, Noah Halpin. Noah brings a sculpture made

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42. Spike O’Sullivan

This week James and Timmy talk to Cork’s very own middleweight title contender, Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan who has held multiple middleweight championships at regional level

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40. Gillian Butler

This episode is a family affair as James’ wife, Gillian Butler, shares her story of Oberstown Prison, UCC and employment. Don’t miss it! Watch it

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10. Adeline Berry

In this week’s episode of #ConverSayTrans Jules and Alexandra talk to intersex, trans and sexworker activist Adeline Barry. Adeline talks about her time in the

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7. Ollie Bell

In this week’s episode of #ConverSayTrans features Ollie Bell! Ollie is agender poet and trans activist who co-founded Trans and intersex Pride. They talk with

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89. Home for Good

This Reboot Republic podcast sets out the case for inserting the Right to Housing in the Irish Constitution, and why a Referendum is needed. It

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35. Brian Lenihan

Hi all, latest podcast is available here. We chat to Brian Lenihan, formerly of College Corinthians in Douglas, Cork City FC, Hull City FC and

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5. Casey Explosion

In this weeks episode Alexandra and Jules are in conversation with Casey Explosion. Casey is a gamer and twitch streamer with an interest in Warhammer.

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1. Covid-19

Covid-19 has cast a spotlight on Ireland’s health service like never before. The added pressure of a global pandemic has exposed cracks in the system

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3. Delroy Mpofu

This week’s ConverSayTrans podcast features Delroy Mpofu. Delroy talks about his love of Irish rugby and his life in his home country of Ireland before

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1. Sara Philips

Alexandra and Jules talk with trans rights campaigner and chair of TENI Sara Phillips about her love of music and lived experience as a trans

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Introducing ConverSayTrans

Welcome to ConverSayTrans, the podcast developed by The Stairlings Collective with funding from Create in collaboration with TENI with continued participation of the trans community,

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Sex Work

Episode 6 of the Covid Care podcast is a look at how sex workers supported other sex workers during the first covid 19 lockdown. Kate

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Ep.5: Parenting

In this weeks episode of the Covid Care podcast, I chat to parents Sarah Sproule and Deborah Somorin. They share their experiences of parenting during

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Ep.4 Sexual Health

Episode 4 of the Covid Care podcast looks at how Covid-19 affected the provision of sexual health services. Caroline is joined by Phil Corcoran from

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Ep.3 Domestic Abuse

Episode 3 of the Covid Care Podcast explores how the first Dovid-19 lockdown impacted upon the provision of domestic violence services for men and women

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Ep.2 Direct Provision

Join Caroline for episode 2 where we dive into the experiences of those in direct provision during lockdown. Bulelani Mfaco and Ola Mustapha from Movement

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Ep01 Carers

Episode 01 of the Covid Care podcast looks at the experiences of carers in the home during the covid 19 lockdown. Caroline speaks to Micheál

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The Policed Podcast

Policed Preview

Welcome to Policed in Ireland, the podcast that seeks to capture the experiences people have with the police, and put those voices front and centre.

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